When everything is on the line, it comes down to relationships – and Chip Massey teaches you how to build them quickly and powerfully.

You dream of customer relationships that stand the test of time. You dream of building a client following that’s second to none. You dream of a world where clients seek you out and are willing to a pay a premium for your services, despite a crowded field and the noise of deep discounts. You dream that your group will have the skills and drive to create incredible customer experiences… every time.

Let’s give your dreams a plan.

Chip Massey


Chip Massey is the CEO of Plowshare Communications, which advises business leaders on strategic negotiations and how to accelerate the sales process by building strong, powerful, and trust-based relationships.

For more than two decades, Massey served as an FBI Special Agent and hostage/crisis negotiator. During his tenure, his work ranged from collaborating with the CIA to crack espionage rings to high-profile corruption cases, to post-9/11 counter-terrorism investigations at key Washington, D.C. sites. As a hostage negotiator, he worked extensively in crisis situations, including international kidnappings and fugitive apprehensions.

Within the bureau, Massey was noted for his ability to quickly build rapport, and his deep expertise interviewing both victims and criminal suspects. He spent several years coordinating the FBI’s Victim-Witness Program, as well as directing the FBI Citizens Academy in Washington, D.C. Prior to joining the FBI, Massey served as a Methodist minister, and he brings his early training in crisis intervention, and gift for public speaking to bear in his work.

Today, Massey—who has been a featured speaker at the Carnegie New Leaders Program, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, and to law enforcement and business organizations around the country—teaches the techniques he has mastered to corporate leaders, enabling them to grow their businesses and professional relationships quickly and profitably.

Negotiating When the Stakes Are High

What do you consider high stakes? Maybe it’s a vital contract? Control over a project at work? A new position opening up that you’d be perfect for? Fact is, high stakes are whenever something important to you, your employer, or a client is on the line. Regardless of whose interests you’re representing at any given moment, you owe them a good outcome. But what skills do you need to have? What steps do you need to take to increase your chances of success? With my help, you can discover how to:

  • Connect with your client as fast as possible to get what you want
  • Demonstrate authentic concern for their position and clinch the sale
  • Instill hope (a critical yet often overlooked skill) and claim a client for life
  • Take control of your emotions and gain the ‘unfair’ advantage.

Creating Instant Rapport

“We just didn’t gel.”
“Not sure we made any progress during the meeting.”
“She kept looking at her watch.”

We all give off clues during business encounters, whether it’s on a call, in person, or by text or email. The hard truth is you have only seconds to make a positive connection with others—seconds that can make or break a deal. High-intensity settings require you to know the right things to do and say. It’s about rapport building, and here is the best part: you can absolutely master this critical skill. I’ll show you how to:

  • Ask the right questions to stay in the game
  • Use the power of emotions to make more sales
  • Formulate a plan that will put the odds in your favor
  • Deploy the ‘secret weapon’ behind all personal connections
  • Connect with your prospect using empathy and win the day

De-Escalating Tense Conversations

You have no idea how it happened, but here you are. Your client is angry and finding no shortage of words to express their displeasure. Your relationship is tanking fast. What’s your next move? You have a real opportunity to not only change this negative dialogue, but to win the kind of customer loyalty most businesses only dream about. Sadly, the majority of executives fumble badly here. They don’t know how to exploit tension as a tool for building stronger relationships. Here is how to use this tension to:

  • Engage your client with a new script that saves the day—and the sale
  • Use crisis conversations as an opening for enhanced business relationships
  • Leave clients feeling positive about your abilities as a leader and business partner
  • Increase the perceived value of you and your company
  • Move from an ‘us against them’ dynamic to a new, collaborative relationship

Building Trust

You know that trust is important. But how do you make trust “happen”? How do you convey your trustworthiness to current and prospective clients? How do you become known as someone who is trusted in your field? What can you do when a client relationship goes south because of a trust issue? Can you fix it? Do you know what to say after “I’m sorry”? Let me teach you how to become a trusted advisor by:

  • Focusing on the small things to construct a foundation of trust
  • Building the kind of trust that will grow your business
  • Establishing a rock-solid reputation within your business community
  • Turning around damaged relationships and make them stronger than ever
  • Becoming the kind of person clients send new referrals to based on trust


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